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About Us

The brand has become synonymous with high quality learning at a pace that's right for you. You won't be left guessing and you won't be put to sleep. Our training standards:

  • We take a one-on-one approach
  • We do not assume you know certain features.
  • Taught by an industry leader and author, Dan Ablan
  • Videos are high quality video and sound
  • is now 100% downloadable for instant learning
  • Questions? please contact us has been the leader in full functioning LightWave 3D and modo 3D training for the past ten years. Our courses are used around the world and have helped thousands get up to speed in a matter of days through our proven, comprehensive high quality video training. The courseware is project based, which means you learn by doing.

You'll see first hand, from start to finish how to model, texture, light, animate and render. Courses are Beginner to Intermediate Level. is the online resource for affordable, next-step all in one LightWave, modo, Cinema 4D, Photoshop & Lightroom learning. The 3D Garage courseware is taught be leading 3D animation and author Dan Ablan. Dan is author of the popular "Inside LightWave" books from New Riders and Peachpit publishing, as well as many others such as Photoshop CS4 Studio Techniques as well as the "Official Luxology modo Guide" books. Dan Ablan has trained people in LightWave, MODO and Photoshop / Lightroom from all over the globe - Australia, to Japan, to Greece, London, Russia, and of cousrse the United States. Who's been trained? How about NASA, CBS, PBS, FOX TV, US Military, Hallmark Cards, Reebok, Lockheed Martin, David Copperfield Tours, IGT International, and many hard working animators like yourself. These people do not have time to waste with other sub-par training courses, and neither do you.

With the Signature Courseware products from 3D Garage, as well as target training such as the modo 401 Dynamic Parenting or Photoshop for Photographers course, you'll Learn the buttons, the panels, the workflow of the program. Training videos are jam packed with hours with high quality QuickTime movies for both Mac and PC. You'll be instructed on how to use & understand your software. No one has instructed more people on LightWave and modo than Dan Ablan. Period. Are you a teacher looking to learn your software? Perhaps you're a student who's tired of a confusing manual? Our courses are the best learning resource on the web! Why? Because they assume nothing. Courses take you from start to finish, rather than just dumping you into the middle of a complex, poorly explained project from a boring instructor. Who wants that? Our material has been used to teach students, teachers, and professionals around globe. You can only learn so much from a YouTube freebie. Do you want to really learn? Then 3D Garage Courseware is your answer. You learn by doing - many students have said "it's like sitting next to Dan Ablan and getting your questions answered directly." Unlike other courses - 3D Garage support is free. Always has been, always will. People email Dan Ablan years after the course with questions, project collaborations, requests for further video training as well as hands-on in person training, and so on. 

  • brand is owned and operated by AGA Digital Studios, Inc. Credit card charges will appear from AGA Digital Studios, Inc.

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  After June 1, 2013: 

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